Hi my name is Shamia, but I would like to go by the name of LokaBoo. I am going to post a lot of this about gyarus, cute thing, my favorite kpop and jrock singers, funny things, and maybe one of these days a picture of me! I don't discriminate anyone for who they are, just be yourself : )



black girls with eating disorders are so important & need to be protected

because it’s believed that we don’t think about things like that, we all apparently love our “inherently” thick bodies and thickness is something we all glorify and strive to achieve

we’re too “strong” to have any kind of illness, especially not an ED

EDs among black girls are so common and are easily dismissed as “white girl stuff” and thats so destructive and harmful

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Whiteness in Kpop and the problem of "Chad Future".



Once upon a time, I was on Tumblr, minding my own business when I see this:


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My followers know that although i’m Korean, i’m really not into “KPop”. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t particularly like it either. However, seeing this gross bug eyed CGI distortion of a…

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